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10 Reasons why you should invest in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful African country on the Gulf of Guinea. It offers countless natural landmarks, abundant wildlife, economic opportunities & tourism, and is just a quick flight away from many of the major economic centers of the world. You’ll find everything from waterfalls, to dense rainforests, artifacts from the oldest civilization known to mankind, wild savanna landscapes, and rare species of animals and plant life.

Top reasons why you should invest in owning Nigerian property

Below are the top reasons people invest in Nigeria.

1. Affordability
2. Terrain
3. Culture
4. Economic Development
5. Abundance of Natural Resources
6. Timing
7. Large Population
8. Free Market Economy
9. Major Cities, Seaports, and Established Infrastructure
10. Political Stability

Not convinced yet?

In Nigeria, primary education is free and compulsory.

Nigeria is a developing country, and thus, it is a great region to consider raising a family and building wealth in. Here are five more reasons why we think you should take advantage of the opportunity to invest in Nigerian real estate:

#1 The Giant of Africa

Nigeria is considered the “Giant of Africa.” It is the most populous country in Africa. Nigeria has a population of more than 190 million people. What does that mean? Well, there are more than 250 distinct ethnic groups. Nigeria is home to the archaeological discoveries of The Nok civilization. This is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and evidence for archeological discoveries in Nigeria, date this civilization back to 9000 BC. In other words, this civilization will withstand the test of time.

#2 Largest Economy

Nigeria has the biggest economic growth in Africa. It is the largest producer of crude oil and 8th largest exporter in the entire world.

#3 Fastest-Growing Population in Africa

The population of Nigeria is the fastest growing in Africa with a population of 200 million people.

#4 A Rich & Fertile Terrain

Nigeria will be home to one of the worlds largest oil refinery which is being built in Lagos by Aliko Dangote. He is the wealthiest man in Africa.

Further, Lagos is the largest city with a growing population of 21 million. Abuja, the capital, has a growing population of 6 million. Lagos is also known as “Africa’s Big Apple.” It’s the New York City of Nigeria and sees nearly 2 million tourists each year. This is due to its economic center of attraction, commercial, and industrial hub to both Nigerians and the world.

Lagos also has the longest bridge in Africa. The Third Mainland Bridge connecting Lagos Island to the mainland is the longest bridge in Africa. It measures about 11.8km long.

#5 Everyone Speaks English

With all the diversity in Nigeria, you might be wondering how difficult it is to do business in the region. Well, the majority of people are educated and speak fluent English. However, Nigerians also speak Pidgin English.

Pidgin is a local variant — comparable to a Southern accent or New Yorker accent in the United States. Pidgin, however, is a unique language on its own which combines several dialects and slang with common English words. It’s very easy to navigate, however, because most people speak fluent English along with one or two of the 350+ languages from various regions in Africa.


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