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10 Reasons to Invest In Abeokuta

10 Reasons why you should invest in landed properties especially in Abeokuta in 2020
1. The fast rate of infrastructural development in the city means the value of landed properties are projected to go up astronomically.
2. The increase influx of people into the city due to the overcrowding of Lagos and proximity
3. Buying a landed property is a way of acquiring liquid asset which could be easily traded for money in case of emergencies.
4. Abeokuta land are 100% dry lands
5. Land is an asset whose value never decreases. So owning land means you having good asset base.
6. Buying a land is your first step to building your house. So it’s good to start now.
7. Investing in landed property is investing in real and tangible asset that will always be there forever.
8. All billionaires and rich people today have real estate as one of the corner stone of their wealth building strategy.
9. Inflation devalues your money saved in the bank, but when you buy a landed property, the value of your
money is protected from inflation.
10. If you don’t make the sacrifice now and take action, it might become a regrettable action in the future because the best time to buy a landed property was yesterday.

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