Services for Investors

Business Investment Set-up Package: £10,500

This is a one to one mentorship for those who are looking to relocate and own a business in Nigeria.
We will identify together the business you wish to invest in, it may be a joint venture with us or the complete setup.
We will also:

  • Registration: We will register your business with the Nigerian authorities.
  • Accounting: We will set up your accountancy/tax return with the Nigerian authorities.
  • Banking: We will set up your Nigerian personal or business bank accounts.
    *The Business Club Membership package is also included with your Business Investment Set-Up Package.


Real Estate Business Set-Up Package: £7,000

This package includes:

Setting Up a Bank Account:

If you are new to investing in Nigerian real estate, you may find yourself asking, “Who do I pay money to?”

In short, you never pay directly into the real estate agents’ account. Always pay directly into the account of the property developer with the corporate name on the land or development. With our Real Estate Business Set-Up Package, we’ll help you set up a local bank account the proper way.

Property Lawyer consultation:

During your search for real estate, you might ask “What type of legal document comes with the sale?”

For such a quest, one needs to work closely with a property lawyer or a surveyor who can ask the correct questions on your behalf. Our Real Estate Business Set-Up Package also includes:

  • Guiding you through buying Land and Real Estate
  • Advice on how to manage your business in Nigeria
  • 2-Days Real Estate Investment Tour in Lagos and Abeokuta states
    Inclusive of Hotel + Food + Transportation. *Flights are not included in the package.


Business Club Membership: £4,500 (one-off payment)

You will have access to our exclusive deals in real estate and business. This package includes private monthly online video meetings to keep you updated with projects.

  • You will be able to participate in our group investments in various projects
  • These will bring you a return on your investments.
    *This package also includes one trip a year to Nigeria to see all projects (excluding flight, hotel, or food).


1-Hour Telephone Consultancy: £550

We’ll schedule a one-hour phone call with you to discuss the best practices for investing in Nigerian real estate, as well as answer any questions you might have.



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